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The First Multi-Token Soft-Stayking Platform on the XRPL

Powered by two highly reputable projects, StaykX aims to provide a safe way to reward the community for holding XRPL tokens.

What is StaykX?

A protocol that utilises soft-stayking techniques to bring holder rewards to XRPL Projects & Tokens. As well as a system that allows STX holders to decide the future of the platform.


XUMM Sign In

Sign in to our platform using your XUMM Wallet. This will register you to our stayking platform and enable you to see and stayk your tokens from your favorite projects that have signed up with us,

No Lock In

Our platform lets you keep full control of your assets. No centralised BS just pure full control of your own assets.

Rewards Paid Daily

Stayking rewards are paid out daily to your XRPL Wallet.

* Already supporting 20 projects


StaykX has been designed to increase a projects lucrativeness and desire from the community. We give projects a platform to indirectly interact with their community by providing a reward system for holding their token.

Community members are positively affected with the chance to make income from the deployment of stayking rewards on our platform.

Transparency in what we do

The team at StaykX has designed a revolutionary form of decentralised stayking. The main outline is that you remain in control and custody of your own assets. No centralised pooling of your tokens, no fear of losing them, complete and utter control is handed to you.

The team behind StaykX is active in answering questions from the community. everything we do is clearly laid out in our whitepaper. practices, procedures and operations are clearly outlined and will be clearly discussed with the community on how and when they happen.

Ready to start Stayking?

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Our Core Services

StaykX offers a few valuable options to projects and the community.

Optimised software to give the best returns

Our stayking technology is optimised to give the user the best returns on their assets.

Grow your assets

Earn daily passive rewards with StaykX.

AI Calculated Rewards

StaykX has designed AI to calculate rewards and competitive pool rewards to the corresponding community. Rewards will be calculated to give the best return to the community.

Balanced Distribution

Built in Anti-Dump mechanisims have been meticulously crafted by our dev team.


Highly audited mechanisims help mitigate and minimise errors in StaykX technology.


With the use of Soft-Stayking, StaykX has sucessfully created a decentralised rewards system allowing users to keep complete custody of their assets.


below is our road map timeline outlining periods and time frames in which parts of the project will be developed.


See how and where StaykX will be distributed and used.

OCW & XBlade StaykX stayking pools
Onboarding & Over-The Counter (OTC) Sales
Competitive Pool
Community Wallet
Team Wallets

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Quarter Onion Games

"From the initial onboarding with Shen, to the setup and coordination of the EMBRS pool, it has been a real pleasure working together with StaykX. We look forward to our partnership with StaykX creating more value in the XRPL ecosystem!"


"A unique new concept born in the midst of doubt and turbulence within the crypto communities. With the arrival of StaykX within the XRPL, a new dimension opens up to everyone!
StaykX embodies a new wave of collaboration and mutual aid between different projects, putting their development talents as much as their interpersonal skills to the benefit of others, we are honored to be part of the movement."


"Why StaykX for editions? We are busy publishing, and StaykX provides a solution for our holders to stake editions with complete confidence. Everything is taken care off by StaykX, and best of all, your editions do not leave your wallet. Who does not like daily rewards!"


"StakyX has become an integral Utility pillar of our XRPLRAINFOREST Project!
By allowing our community to stayk our native token $XRAIN, our members are able to receive daily rewards which they can utilize to obtain our 3D NFTs.
The StaykX team has been super awesome to work with throughout the entire Staykx process and the initial $XRAIN pool setup was simple and quick.
With the help of the StaykX platform we see a bright future for our project and Staykx! If your project is not offering stayking to your community then we highly recommend you look into Staykx. Your community will be grateful!"


"When looking for a proper tool we had heard about the great things StaykX had been providing for other projects. After reaching out to the team and them explaining how quick and easy it was to get up and running with them, we decided to start a pool offering their native token!
They have helped with spreading the word to get everyone involved in both stayking and experiencing what our project has to offer! We look forward to what may come in the future with the StaykX platform and how we can continue working with them!"


"StaykX is the premium platform for soft-staking on the XRP Ledger. Not only is the User Interface simplistic and professional, but added features such as "Hide Zero Balance" and "Optimise All" make this platform superior to others. With a strong team behind them, StaykX deserves your attention"


"StaykX is not an ordinary XRPL project. We really believe that they'll become a key part of the future of XRPL, not just because of the technology they have created, but also the humanity of the people behind it. They are wise"


"StaykX is awesome. Self custody staking in itself is epic, but when backed by the team they have is priceless. As a project founder, this is the best system I have personally found to draw in the most real and organic community. StaykX for life! $xBIBLx is so happy there!"


"We first learned of Staykx from our community asking if we could be listed. We then met up with the Staykx team at a Brisbane XRPL meetup and were very impressed with the project. IGC were excited as the IGC tokens remained in the safe custody of our communities own wallet. We were equally impressed by the automation of the rewards system through the XRPL. Being part of the Staykx platform has been extremely rewarding to our community holders."

Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for some useful information on frequently asked questions.

What are the objectives of StaykX?

StaykX is devoted to becoming the one stop shop for projects and users on the XRPL. With staking being a challenge on the XRPL The team built and designed an alternative StaykX to reward users for participating in holding their tokens.

What is the minimum Stayk amount?

Your accounts 7 day average must be a minimum of 2 XRP worth to begin receiving daily rewards from StaykX.

Where can I ask questions about StaykX?

StaykX has a very active commmunity on Discord. If you have any urgent questions or just want to join in on the fun head over to the discord!

How can I take part in Stayking?

To begin Stayking, head over to the Stayk page and sign in with your XUMM wallet. Set your percentages for the pool you wish to stayk in and press Stayk.

Meet the team

See the team behind StaykX

Partnerships and Listings

Interested in providing Stayking for your project? Click the button below and fill in the Onboarding Project Application Form

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