Stayk your crypto on the XRPL easier than ever

Powered by two highly reputable projects, StaykX aims to provide a safe way to reward the community for holding XRPL tokens.

How it works

We have designed a system that rewards you for holding tokens from your favorite projects.


Sign in

Sign in to our platform using your XUMM Wallet. This will register you to our stayking platform and enable you to see and stayk your tokens from your favorite projects that have signed up with us,

security at heart

Our platform lets you keep full control of your assets. No centralised BS just pure full control of your own assets.

Sit back and watch the rewards roll in

Stayking rewards are paid out daily to your account.

* Already supporting 19 projects


StaykX has been designed to increase a projects lucrativeness and desire from the community. We give projects a platform to indirectly interact with their community by providing a reward system for holding their token.

Community members are positively affected with the chance to make income from the deployment of stayking rewards on our platform.

Transparency in what we do

The team at StaykX has designed a revolutionary form of decentralised soft-stayking. The main outline is that you remain in control and custody of your own assets. No centralised pooling of your tokens, no fear of losing them, complete and utter control is handed to you.

The team behind StaykX is active in answering questions from the community. everything we do is clearly laid out in our whitepaper. practices, procedures and operations are clearly outlined and will be clearly discussed with the community on how and when they happen.

Ready to start Stayking?

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Our Core Services

StaykX offers a few valuable options to projects and the community.

Optimised software to give the best returns

Our soft-stayking technology is optimised to give the user the best returns on their assets.

Grow your assets

Earn daily passive rewards with StaykX.

AI Calculated Rewards

StaykX has designed AI to calculate rewards and competitive pool rewards to the corresponding community. Rewards will be calculated to give the best return to the community.

Balanced Distribution

Built in Anti-Dump mechanisims have been meticulously crafted by our dev team.


Highly audited mechanisims help mitigate and minimise errors in StaykX technology.


With the use of Soft-Stayking, StaykX has sucessfully created a decentralised rewards system allowing users to keep complete custody of their assets.


below is our road map timeline outlining periods and time frames in which parts of the project will be developed.


See how and where StaykX will be distributed and used.

OCW & XBlade StaykX stayking pools
Onboarding & Over-The Counter (OTC) Sales
Competitive Pool
Community Wallet
Team Wallets

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Meet the team

See the team behind StaykX


Design and Head of Information


Social Integration and Relations


Lead Developer


UI/UX Designer


Lead Developer


Public Relations

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